Tire Inflator

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Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator Model L│ AC/DC for Car and Home 12V 110V │ Analog Pressure Gauge │100 PSI for Car, bike, Motorcycle, balls and Other inflatables

Home & Car (AC/DC) adaptable
Easy to read, classic Analog Gauge
Measures pressure up to 120psi
Measuring accuracy: +/-1psi
Continuous working time: 30mins at 35psi
Airflow rate: 18(DC)/20(AC) liters/min
Black woven hose (outer length): 19.7in (50cm)
Cable length: DC – 3 M AC – 3 M
Maximum current: <10A

1 review for Tire Inflator

  1. admin

    Love the AC / DC. And I’m straight!
    Great unit, love the AC/DC feature! Right away pressured up three semi-low tires while SUV was sitting in my garage. The miserable hunt for gas-station compressors is over! (And have retired the 30-year old DC-only compressor with its mangled cord). Thanks, Kensun! -Wm

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